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Catan Collection

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Catan Cities & Knights™ (4th Edition)
Dark clouds are gathering over the peaceful island of Catan. Wild barbarian..
Catan Cities and Knights 5-6 Player Extension™ (4th Edition)
Extend your Catan Cities & Knights� to accommodate 5 or 6 playe..
Catan Seafarers 5-6 Player Extension™ (4th Edition)
  Extend your Catan Seafarers� games to include mor..
Catan Seafarers™ (4th Edition)
Expand your The Settlers of Catan� game in new directions, add islands, pir..
Elansund:  The First City
Elasund is growing rapidly and Catanians are streaming into the city, eager to make a fortune! Y..
The Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Extension™ (4th Edition)
Expand your Settlers Games to include more players and more scenarios. More..
The Settlers of Catan™ (4th Edition)
Players are recent immigrants to the newly populated island of Catan. Expan..
Settlers of Canaan
SETTLERS OF CANAAN™ takes place in the territory of Canaan off the coast of the Great Sea. Each P..
Settlers of Catan Mega Bundle
Settlers of Catan Mega Bundle Includes: Settlers of Catan Catan: Seafarers C..